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Diabetes is a disease affecting the way the body metabolizes glucose or sugar. Most people living with diabetes have type 2 (27 million), but even more people (86 million) have prediabetes: blood glucose is abnormal, but not high enough to be diabetes. Insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas which allows the body to use sugar as an energy source. In people with type 2 diabetes, their body creates this hormone, but their cells are resistant to it (they do not use it properly). (more…)

Going to Work as a Dialysis Patient
For many dialysis patients maintaining their health is their main focus in life. Dialysis can be like a job. You get evaluated. You have to show up on time. There can be red tape to deal with. Then outside the clinic you have to manage your diet, manage your pills, address insurance issues, visit various other doctors and specialists as needed, and deal with fatigue, the awful fatigue. It’s no wonder that so many dialysis patients don’t work. (more…)

Among the numerous foods that have been shown to worsen kidney illness, red meat is one of the worst offenders. This news comes to us from a recent study published in an issue of the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. The study aimed to show the correlation between red meat intake and accelerated progression of Serious Kidney Illness to End-Stage Renal Disease. Although current guidelines state limiting protein consumption can help delay Serious Kidney Illness’s progression, (more…)

Climate Change May Contribute to Rising Rates of Serious Kidney Illness Climate change may be accelerating rates of serious kidney illness by way of increased dehydration rates and incidences of heat-related difficulties. According to the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology, this could become a major cause of poor kidney health in the future. As worldwide temperatures progressively rise, scientists have observed a pattern in which rural communities with higher median temperatures are displaying a greater risk of poor kidney health. (more…)

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But what about PRE-biotics
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To put it simply they’re vital substances that probiotic bacteria need to flourish. As a recently published newspaper article on the subject puts it: (more…)