Kidney Health Blog

Serious kidney problem sufferers and their caregivers know the virtues of dialysis and its associated hardships.
Dialysis is a proven treatment, effective in prolonging the lives of individuals with kidney health issues. It can also be invasive, prolonging patient life while, oftentimes, improving the quality of it. (more…)

Thank you for voting for us for the 2014 Buzz of Bio contest.Dear Friends of Kibow®, Thank you for voting for us for the 2014 Buzz of Bio contest. We are delighted to be announced a winner of this year’s BIO International Convention (more…)

A recent study, published in the January issue of BMC Nephrology, reported that up to 53% of people with serious kidney illness experience musculoskeletal pain for periods of 3 months or more. (more…)

Many kidney patients like to stay on top of their lab values, as these numbers reflect what is going on in their bodies. Understanding these lab values can often be tricky and it’s not always clear to the patient the ramifications of each number. This article is going to look at eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate, one of the most important values for any kidney patient. (more…)

Dear Friends of Kibow®! Please vote for us in the “BUZZ of BIO” contest! Kibow was nominated for a poster presentation at the BIO International meeting (June, 2014) as a promising emerging biotech company. (more…)

Dr. Jenna Henderson is back, sharing her insights into managing kidney transplant and explaining why transplantation is not a final cure for the illness. The topic of immunosuppressive medications is introduced, to be examined in greater detail in future blog entries. (more…)