Kidney Health Blog

Editor’s note: The open access article with our most recent clinical trial results has been published online. In addition, since kidney transplant is a part of the kidney illness experience, we felt compelled to share with our readers a wonderful story about the wonders of the National Kidney Registry, published on November 18, 2013 in The Philadelphia Inquirer. (more…)

Editor’s note:  Are all bacteria with the same name alike? Not at all. Dr. Henderson explains the importance of specific strains of bacteria for therapeutic efficacy, answering some of the frequent questions patients bring up in her practice as a naturopathic physician. (more…)

Editor’s Note:  Importance of good nutrition, emphasizing vitamin B3 (niacin). Not many people know that Vitamin B3 can benefit kidney health. However, past and present studies (see references below) have shown that this powerful vitamin can confer significant benefits to those with kidney illness. (more…)

Kibow® has a few exciting updates to inform you about, including:

  1. Dr. Henderson’s return as a guest blogger with “All Bacteria Are Not Created Alike”, a discussion of the specificity of various types of bacteria and the differences among them.
  2. (more…)

On October 1st, KIBOW® celebrated its 16th anniversary since the founding!
Throughout the years, Kibow®’s team went through numerous vicissitudes of life, business cycles, fundraising efforts, research projects and, ultimately, successes! Despite all of the hardship encountered along the path, Kibow®’s  core values have not changed a bit. (more…)

On October 6th, Kibow®’s team “Renadyl™ Rangers” participated in the annual National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Walk fundraising initiative (more…)