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Editor’s Note: Renal failure is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’ because it develops so slowly that many patients don’t realize they have a problem until they are in kidney failure. They might also be unaware that keeping their (more…)

Editor’s Note: Today, we are pleased to introduce Rachel Weaver who will share her inspiring story about kidney failure. We are always inspired by patients who play an active role as a vital member of their own health team and participate in their own care. (more…)

For many dialysis patients, it’s hard to sit still for hours.  But Dr. Jenna Henderson knows how to take her mind off the process, and in this post, she shares some interesting insights and perspectives she gained as a dialysis patient. (more…)

When people who know my medical history comment on how lucky I am, I emphasize that surviving a serious illness is not just a matter of luck.  Infact, it’s a challenge for me not to immediately step onto my soapbox and deliver a passionate discourse about the importance of being a pro-active (more…)

We are excited to introduce our guest blogger, Dr.Jenna C. Henderson, a kidney patient and Founder of Holistic Kidney. Licensed as a naturopathic doctor in the state of Connecticut, she helps her kidney patients with holistic and natural treatments. (more…)