What to expect in the near future

Kibow® has a few exciting updates to inform you about, including:

  1. Dr. Henderson’s return as a guest blogger with “All Bacteria Are Not Created Alike”, a discussion of the specificity of various types of bacteria and the differences among them.
  2. The completion of our first customer satisfaction survey after 4 years out on the market. The survey produced excellent results – an overwhelmingly glowing feedback from our current customers. Our response rate was 15% – an excellent rate for this method of collecting data. More details about this in the near future.
  3. The attendance of on November 7-9 of the 2013 ASN Convention in Atlanta, GA. Kibow® has become a mainstay of the Kidney Week and the ASN Convention. Since its first introduction of the concept of using probiotics for kidney health to moderate and alleviate some of the symptoms related to Serious Kidney Illness, Kibow has progressively gained significant recognition from the nephrology community. Details and photographs from the Convention to follow shortly.

And much more…