Kibow’s “sweet 16th” anniversary!

On October 1st, KIBOW® celebrated its 16th anniversary since the founding!
Throughout the years, Kibow®’s team went through numerous vicissitudes of life, business cycles, fundraising efforts, research projects and, ultimately, successes! Despite all of the hardship encountered along the path, Kibow®’s  core values have not changed a bit.


Everyone at Kibow® remains committed to alleviating the suffering of kidney illness patients worldwide and is willing to make occasional sacrifices to move closer toward reaching that goal. We maintain our familial atmosphere and practice our humanitarian values every single day.
We would not be where we are without the help of all of you – our loyal and enthusiastic customers, whose individual stories are the true testament to human strength and perseverance. It is your positive feedback, our dear customers, that reinvigorates us and continues to fuel our efforts to advance the cause of affordable and non-intrusive care for kidney illness patients.
We would also like to recognize the efforts of all our guest bloggers, who share our enthusiasm and values, and who provide their expertise and experience to educate and inform kidney patients, along with their friends and relatives, on better ways of managing the illness and maintaining the desired quality of life and health status.
We thank ALL OF YOU for your continued support and encouragement from the bottom of our hearts !